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A Diplomat of Endodontics

Congratulations to Dr Russell Hodges for passing his recent exams at the Eastman Dental Institute in London. Previously, Dr Hodges, has completed a Certificate in Endodontics, then travelled all the way to Santa Barbara in California to  further develop his root canal skills, passing levels 1 & 2. The Diploma in Endodontics is extremely difficult to achieve with a pass rate of only 50%. So well done Dr Hodges ! Will he now proceed to the final level of a Masters Degree in Endodontics – only time will tell.

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Implant Training in USA

Dr Resh Diu to further develop his dental implant skills, is now gaining training from the world famous Professor Arun.K.Garg of the University of Miami and founder of the American Association of Dental Implants. Resh will be travelling to the USA over the next 3 years to gain these additional clinical skills to further benefit his patients.

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Invisalign Launches i7 – £1500!

Invisalign continues to build on its success, with launching a new product called i7 – this is designed to treat very mild crowding cases and is priced at £1500 which will provide the patient with a maximum of 7 Invisalign aligners. This excludes retainers, and should a refinement be required, additional fees are payable.

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Oradi treats its 500th Invisalign Patient!

We are pleased to announce that we reached our 500th Invisalign case today. Well done to the team at Oradi for making this happen and the 500 patients who made it happen!

Looking forward to reaching case 1000.

The following surgeons currently provide Invisalign at our practices:

Dr Resh Diu, Dr Vikas Vohra, Dr Anand Gupta, Dr Pinder Deu, Dr Savraj Basra, Dr Kaival Patel, Dr Lyna Chopra & Dr Amar Mehta.

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Invisalign Open Week 2012

A big thank you to over 150 patients who came and saw us over the last week, at all of our practices; it was a very long week, with us finishing every night after 830pm, all possible to our superb team of Receptionists, Nurses and of course, last but not least our surgeons – thank you guys.

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Invisalign Open Event 2012

Well, we have only announced this event at the end of last week, and for the first time ever we have been fortunate enough to secure one whole week of discount promotion for both Invisalign & Six Month Smile treatments. we have already booked nearly 30% of all available appointments available that week. So, if you are interested in Invisalign or Six Month Smile, please contact us to book your free appointment ASAP.

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Northants First 3D Dental Imaging Centre

We are pleased to announce the installation and commissioning of our Sirona 3D Galileos. This will allow our patients to benefit from the latest in radiographic imaging with exceptionally low level of radiation exposure, hen compared to conventional units. The Galileos can not only produce traditional two dimensional imaging , but the state of the art true ‘3d’ fully viewable images, similar the image attached. So if you are considering a dental implants, wisdom tooth removal, or complex root canal care,  then your surgeon should consider referring you over to our centre for a HD quality 3 dimensional image of

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