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A Diplomat of Endodontics

Congratulations to Dr Russell Hodges for passing his recent exams at the Eastman Dental Institute in London. Previously, Dr Hodges, has completed a Certificate in Endodontics, then travelled all the way to Santa Barbara in California to  further develop his root canal skills, passing levels 1 & 2. The Diploma in Endodontics is extremely difficult to achieve with a pass rate of only 50%. So well done Dr Hodges ! Will he now proceed to the final level of a Masters Degree in Endodontics Рonly time will tell.

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Implant Training in USA

Dr Resh Diu to further develop his dental implant skills, is now gaining training from the world famous Professor Arun.K.Garg of the University of Miami and founder of the American Association of Dental Implants. Resh will be travelling to the USA over the next 3 years to gain these additional clinical skills to further benefit his patients.

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