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I am shortly to move house and sadly will have to change my dental. practice, having been here for many years. However, I would like to thank Dr Basra for looking after my dental needs over the last few years. I have seen many dentists over the years ,some good, some not so good, but Dr Basra is the best dentist I have seen. Over the years my teeth have taken their toll, but he has done his best to look after them and I feel very comfortable receiving treatment from him.. I have never had any problems after treatment. Many thanks.


- Anthony Lennon

I have now completed two lots of dental implant treatment, over a period of 18 months or so, at Oradi Dental practice in Wellingborough. Along the way, I’ve also had an extraction, a root canal treatment and a replacement crown (none of these related to or caused by the implant treatment). This testimonial is therefore based on my experiences of a range of treatments and contact with a number of the dentists, dental nurses and reception staff.
My first treatment was for 3 implants: 2 to replace teeth that had been missing for more than 10 years and 1 to extract and replace a tooth that had been root-canalled and crowned and had finally given up the ghost. The treatment process was well-explained to me by Resh Diu (and helpfully repeated at every stage) and the outcome has been fantastic. My re-found ability to chew comfortably and efficiently, on teeth designed for that very purpose, is something I really appreciate after spending a couple of years chomping my way though meals using my front teeth.
I subsequently developed a problem with a front tooth and when all other treatment failed returned to Resh for expert and trustworthy advice. The choices were permanent toothache, extraction and gap or extraction and implant. I chose the latter option.
The implant process for an upper tooth at the front involved wearing a partial denture for 6 months (or having a gap!) and this, for me, has been the most irritating and difficult element of the treatment. I should probably add that the denture caused me no pain or discomfort, did not restrict my ability to eat, and looked just like a real tooth. I loathed it nonetheless!
I have found all the staff at Oradi to be helpful, courteous and friendly. I have never known reception staff to ask for payment so nicely (seriously, I have felt privileged to be invited to put my card in their machine!) Resh has been my primary dentist and I have every confidence in his abilities as an implant dentist: he has genuinely understood my treatment objectives and worked to achieve those, has offered sound advice throughout, made no false promises and done exactly what has been agreed. I have also been seen by and received treatment from Dr Hodge and Dr Vohra and have found them equally caring, knowledgeable and skilful.
Throughout my treatments I have maintained regular contact with my usual dentist, and, where appropriate and with my permission, there has been contact between them to ensure that their input to my overall dental well-being is complementary.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Resh and the Oradi Practice to anyone in need of general dentistry or the specialist services that are provided there.

- RS

What can I say other than FANTASTIC! Fantastic dental practice, fantastic treatment and fantastic results! To have a smile I'm not embarrassed of is priceless, I couldn't be happier! Thank you so much!

- Amanda

I would like everyone to know that this has to be the best dentist ever. I am a very nervous patient and over the years have been treated with kindness and support.

I now need some treatment with sedation and have been and still am very worried yet once again all the staff have been nothing but supportive. I will post after my treatment but wanted to thank all the staff for their help.

Especially the receptionists all of them are first class and work to the highest standard of customer care.

- Dianne white

The best dental surgery I have ever had the pleasure to have treatment. The people are lovely & made me feel totally at ease:) I am actually looking forward to my next appointment! I needed teeth extraction and honest there was no pain. I did not even need to take pain relieve at home:). Wonderful!!!

- Patricia Carpenter

I've had two implants this year running from April through November. The treatment I have received from Dr Patel and all of the staff has been absolutely first class! I am so thrilled with my new teeth and would like to thank you all very much. Money well spent! Thanks. Yours sincerely. Nick.

- Nick Woodley

Just at the end of a year of Invisaligns. The whole process was very straightforward: you just have to get used to popping them out to eat and drink.

A very good improvement that I am very happy with. Thanks Resh.

- Ian – Invisalign

Before i had the invisalign braces, i felt very conscious, now i feel more confident and happy to smile in photos! i found the treatment very easy and relatively pain free, and was reassured when people said they could not see the alligners!
very satisfied with the treatment offered and the outcome, all my appointments were at convienient times and the staff were very friendly.

- miss clements

my teeth were very misaligned and crowded at the front now they are much better! The treatment was good and you couldnt tell i had braces in!

- wendy

I didnt like showing my teeth before, now i love my smile! it makes such a difference with my confidence! The treatment process is brilliant, really easy and not time consuming at all, hardly anyone noticed i had braces in and i got used to them really quickly. The level of care and support is excellent, resh explained everything in full and has a brilliant manner with patients. I would highly recommend to anyone and it really is life changing and well worth the intial investment.

- Bev

Great results with Invisalign some ups and downs but totally worthwhile! I felt a little self conscious during the treatment process but I kept reminding myself of my end goal! Great practice, great people I would definitely recommend.

- Victoria

I was very embarrassed with my smile before Invisalign now I feel great! I found the treatment very easy, quick and efficient. I felt I was treated very well at the practice and thought it was very professional.

- Richard

I was very pleased with the results and my smile. I found the Invisalign treatment process fairly simple and no one noticed when I had the braces in! A very good and effective treatment process.

- Miss Lee

I was not happy smiling before my treatment now I feel happy about my smile. The treatment process was good and my appearance during the treatment was not as bad as I thought! Glad I came to oradi to have my implant and would recommend to others!

- Luccille

I had no confidence when smiling, now I do, it's amazing, I love it! The treatment is hassle free and not invasive at all. Nobody noticed I was wearing the Invisalign braces at all unless I told them! Great service and a lovely dentist, Dr Resh!

- Miss Wray

I'm very pleased with my smile and the implant treatment process was very good, I felt I was treated with excellent care at the practice and very pleased with all the treatment and results.

- Mrs johnson

My teeth were out of place before Invisalign now my smile feels awesome! The whole experience was very good and I didn't mind wearing my Invisalign. I was treated very well- thank you!

- Meghan

Before I began my treatment, I wasn't at all confident with my smile. I was terrified of all dental treatment at the beginning but Dr Patel explained everything in detail about my treatment and put me at ease. I love my new smile and it has made me a more confident person. I wouldn't hesitate to come back to the practice as they are all very good.

- Mrs Bull

For 12 years I was unhappy with gaps at the front of my teeth. As a teacher I did not want to wear a brace that was clearly visible, therefore Invisalign was the perfect solution. Staff at Oradi were simply outstanding and their professional approach made the decision to wear Invisalign braces very easy. The braces themselves were simple to use and I was amazed to see the quick difference they made. In addition to this the suport Oradi gave me was excellent. Having my smile back after 12 years is just amazing! If you are missing your confidence within your smile choose Oradi!

- Graham Mallen

I absolutely dread the thought of visiting the dentist, my gums are extremely sensitive and I am really finicky about having a dentist who does a good job, actually cares about the patient and goes out of his way to be caring and diligent in his work. This really sums up the team at Oradi, it is now a pleasure to attend the dentist and hygienist, and I know with confidence I have an exemplary dentist who will do his very best for me. In truth if he left the practice I would follow….no really the service from all the people that have treated me has been very good. I would certainly recommend my dentist and the Daventry Practice.

- Mrs. MS

I highly recommend Oradi dental, from the very beginning they made me feel completely at ease throught the entire process. The consultation process was very thorough they were always available to ask any questions they were completely professional and I new I was in safe hands. The Invisilgn has completely changed my life I now feel more confident than ever before. I smile in all my pictures now.

- Mrs. ST

I have been having treatment at Oradi, for a misalignment of my front teeth which were unsightly and caused me embarrassment. However, after twelve weeks with my dentist, my teeth are whiter, straighter and my smile is bigger! I would thoroughly recommend my dentist at Oradi, as he tries hard to arrange your appointments at a convenient time and is probably the most professional dentist I have ever been to. If you are considering treatment, go to Oradi, you will not be disappointed.

- Mrs. SN

I recently had a tooth extracted with no problems. I had an impression taken in April and had 3 other visits for further impressions and fitting of my new plate...and am having no problems at all. The dentists always makes you feel welcome,relaxed and always tells you what he is going to do, how he will do it,and I feel this gives the patient confidence before any treatment has started. I would recommend him to any one requiring a dentist.

- Mr. JL

I highly recommend Oradi dental, from the very beginning they made me feel completely at ease throughout the entire process. The consultation process was very thorough they were always available to ask any questions they were completely professional and I new I was in safe hands. The Invisalign has completely changed my life I now feel more confident than ever before. I smile in all my pictures now.

- Mrs. ST

Thank you for making my experience of having Invisalign a pleasant one. I am very pleased with the results. No one noticed I was wearing a brace which was great and I could see results quickly. I have already and will continue to recommend you and Invisalign to others as my regular check ups were always informative and friendly."

- Mr. VG