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What to expect during a dental hygiene visit

A fresh new year should come with a fresh, clean smile. Our dental hygiene treatments at Together Dental protect your oral health and can even help spot any issues before they become serious.
Many patients ask ‘What does a dental hygienist do?’, ‘What should I expect at a dental hygiene visit?’ and ‘What is it like visiting a dental hygienist?’. So, we’ve put together some helpful information on what to expect during your dental hygiene visit, along with some frequently asked questions.
What does a dental hygienist do?
A dental hygienist mainly deals with preventative dental health, as well as treating and preventing

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Being part of the community

Being part of the community is of high priority for Oradi Dental!

We strive to visit the local nursery’s to ensure that brushing and dietary habits are adopted from a very young age. We were privileged enough to be invited to Busy Bees Nursery on Thursday 8th May to give a fun, yet insightful session to the children on good oral hygiene. Sally and Ashlee accompanied myself along with our child friendly, oral health demonstrator…………“Freddy Flossisaurus!”

All 30 children sat listening intently to how we should brush and how many times a day, along with food demonstrations on different types of good and bad food from our

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A Diplomat of Endodontics

Congratulations to Dr Russell Hodges for passing his recent exams at the Eastman Dental Institute in London. Previously, Dr Hodges, has completed a Certificate in Endodontics, then travelled all the way to Santa Barbara in California to  further develop his root canal skills, passing levels 1 & 2. The Diploma in Endodontics is extremely difficult to achieve with a pass rate of only 50%. So well done Dr Hodges ! Will he now proceed to the final level of a Masters Degree in Endodontics – only time will tell.

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Dr Resh Diu Graduates from American Dental Implant Association

Congratulations to Resh Diu, for completing the advanced training programme in Dental Implants with the American Dental Implant Association.

To complete this training, he has had to travel to the USA every month, working along side the internationally acclaimed Dr Arun Garg. Dr Diu also successfully completed his fellowship exams, and has been awarded the Fellowship of the American Dental Implant Association.

Dr Diu continues to develop his clinical skills by attending such courses both at home in the UK as well as overseas; keeping upto date with the very latest technology as well as best practice procedures – to bring these

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