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Teeth Whitening

An increasingly popular treatment for restoring the sparkle to your smile, professional teeth whitening is a quick, effective and safe procedure for removing stubborn stains on the teeth that can not be removed by brushing alone. Our procedures are strong enough to whiten your teeth, yet will not damage or weaken them. Results can be dramatic, yet may vary from person to person, due to factors such as tooth density, tooth porosity and lifestyle habits.

With a choice of treatments available, at Oradi Dental we are able to help you find the right option depending on your individual needs and budget.

If you have time on your side and would like to have the most stable and predictable method of tooth whitening, then this whitening technique is for you.

It involves taking custom made thin transparent trays home with you for use with your whitening gel either overnight or daily. It usually takes up to 1 to 2 weeks to see any noticeable effects of this type of treatment.

Our standard teeth whitening systems require fortnightly maintenance to ensure that your smile keeps that new brighter look. This would involve wearing the trays for one night every other week.