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Amy – Invisalign Full

Another very happy patient. Amy, again travelled over to us from Northampton, having been told by numerous dentists that she could only have a ‘Smile Makeover’ or metal braces. 16 months later we have a very pleased and smiley patient.

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Rachel – Invisalign & Enlighten Whitening

Rachel, bright, bubbly and outgoing, but, not happy with her smile. She had travelled to see us from Northampton, as her own surgeon, as well as others in the area had advised her the only option was metal braces or having her teeth cut down for veneers. Resh advised that this was not needed, even though some of his colleagues in Northampton had advised Rachel that Invisalign wouldn’t work and is a ‘fad’ Have a look at the pictures and you decide. Fad or the very latest in cutting edge Dental Planning & Orthodontics .

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Anthony – Invisalign Full Only

Anthony presented to us in Daventry, unhappy with his smile. He has a very senior position in a household retailing company, but lacked confidence in his smile. Having attended for a free consultation, we decide that Invisalign Full would be the most suitable treatment  for him. 13 months later, Anthony is a happy chappy.

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Chris Ashton – England & Saints Rugby Player

Chris came over to see Resh looking to give his teeth a bite of ‘tidy up’ – he had tried other claimed invisible brace solutions but without success. We provided Chris with Invisalign Full and Enlighten Whitening – treatment was completed within 12 months. Naturally Chris has to make sure he wears his gum shield during treatment, as well as now to protect those lovely teeth.

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Summer Wedding 2011

Michelle had suffered much dental anxiety over the years, and consequently her teeth had suffered. With her now engaged to wed in the summer, she was worrying a great deal about her wedding pictures. So Michelle’s, soon to be mother in law, decided to introduce her to her own dentist, Resh Diu for a complimentary consultation. Several months later, and just in time for her big day, Michelle had her new smile. Twelve lovely EMAX full coverage restorations.

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Invisalign / Enlighten / Emax

John, hadn’t been overly happy with his teeth for sometime. So, having had a comprehensive consultation, he decided to have a Invisalign full, followed by a course of Enlighten tooth whitening, and then finally had all his old black fillings removed for Emax (white) restorations.

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Angela had been to many dental practices around Northampton, as she wasn’t happy with her smile. All advised either she needed a full smile makeover using veneers and crowns or meta braces. She wasn’t happy with either of these options. We provided angela with Invisalign full & enlighten whitening. Treatment took 22 months to complete.

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Invisalign & Enlighten – 15 Months

Sarah attended our practice every six months, but wasn’t happy with her smile. When i advised that with improved gum health we could align her teeth using Invisalign she jumped at the chance. 15 months later, this is Sarah’s new smile. Thank you Sarah.

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