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General Dental Care

At Oradi Dental, we believe in providing expert, high quality and affordable dental care for your long term benefit. In other words, our aim is to help you achieve and maintain a happy, healthy smile and keep your teeth for life.

Your routine dental examinations, x-rays and hygiene visits do more than just preserve your smile; they enable us to detect dental problems before they worsen.

We offer a comprehensive range of general dental treatments and have dedicated hygienists that are fully qualified to be able to help you maintain healthy gums, fresh breath and outstanding oral health.

  • Thorough dental examinations
  • Dedicated hygienists
  • Personalised clinical care
  • Education and advice
  • Fresh breath clinic


At Oradi Dental, our ethos is centred on providing choice in dental services – whether you are looking for reliable and accessible NHS dentistry or expert, high quality private dental care; we are here to help.

  • NHS dentistry has a clinical focus: this includes all treatment necessary to secure and maintain your oral health and, where necessary, to restore function in the most cost effective way possible.
  • Private dentistry has a clinical focus that is supported by a preventive and aesthetic element: this includes making additional time for dental check-ups, hygiene appointments and restoring teeth in the most minimally evasive and natural-looking way possible.

Both NHS and Private dentistry aim to ensure that, as a valued patient, you have healthy teeth for life. The main difference between NHS and private dental treatment, is the time and materials that we are able to provide you with.

Whatever your needs and budget, we have a complete choice of treatments here at Oradi Dental to help you look after and make the most of your smile.

New Patient Dental Examination 20 Mins 40 Mins
Routine Dental Examination
15 Mins 25 Mins



Dedicated to helping you maintain healthy gums, fresh breath and outstanding oral health, our highly trained and fully qualified hygienists are able to specially diagnose and treat oral health problems as well as to provide advice on how to best look after your smile on a daily basis.
Thoroughly ‘scaling and polishing’ teeth, our hygienists remove debris and deposits that build up below gums, which if left, may cause disease. Working closely with our dentists to provide personalised, high quality dental care, our hygienists ensure that treatment is adapted to any changes in the health of gums and teeth.